Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Liquid Gel Eye Liner by Love & Beauty $2.80

Love & Beauty

The product that I plan on writing about today is Liquid Gel Eyeliner by Love & Beauty.
This product is made exclusively for sale at Forever 21.
Firstly,It me a great deal of time finding a perfectly packaged eye-liner at the store.
About the eye liner,it works wonders when trying to get the Cat Eye Look.
It is very easy to apply due to it's thin application brush.It's quite easy to carry such a small eye liner in purses..The bottle is quite small but it's fits the price right.

You may like it :
  • If you like changing you eye liner ever two months.
  • The price is good
If you like putting thin eye liner.
If you don;t like putting heavy make-up

You might not like it:
  • Because it doesn't dries out fast
  • It is not long lasting
  • Small in size
  • Difficult to find at the Forever 21 store.

    My views:
    I personally am not a fan on heavy makeup nor thick eye liners.I pretty liked what I got for such an amazing price.I think I'm going to keep on using it for the month (:

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